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Video || Biden wraps up speech and floats away

Look at this.

This fellow can’t be commander-in-chief of the fiercest armed forces ever and leader of the greatest nation in history. He is just a fading old man.

The GOP, which put this video out, is probably right about Biden fleeing questions. In an earlier part of the video, not shown below, he is far from anyone, perhaps a way to avoid getting too close to the press in the name of social distancing.

The tell that he is avoiding questions is the sudden loud music, which drowns out the minimal applause you can hear, but also any pestering reporters.

Then he wanders aimlessly away, oddly peering into the window of a truck.

This is just not the portrait of a leader.

2 thoughts on “Video || Biden wraps up speech and floats away”

  1. The great mystery is this: why did the Democrats settle on Biden to challenge Trump? Why not a more viable, articulate candidate who could at least reasonably debate Trump? Biden is obviously a seriously defective candidate, completely over his head in this race, in serious cognitive decline. I just don’t get it.

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