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Trump administration takes credit for finally stemming Chicago murder wave

According to the Washington Examiner:

Attorney General William Barr highlighted the Justice Department’s Operation Legend on Wednesday, announcing that Chicago’s murder rate has dropped by “roughly” half in August after spiking this summer, and he pointed to 2,500 federal arrests nationwide as part of the multicity anti-crime effort.

Barr, who spoke at a press conference flanked by a number of key federal enforcement leaders, said that 1,000 federal law enforcement officers had been deployed to nine major cities and had conducted 2,500 arrests, including federal criminal charges against 600 defendants. Barr discussed Chicago’s murder rate in recent months — 58 murders in April, 84 murders in May, 96 murders in June, and 108 murders in July — and said that Operation Legend’s arrival in Chicago on July 22 played a role in helping stem the tide, with only 64 murders in August.

“I’m pleased to be in Chicago to address the most significant threat facing this city. The explosion of violent crime, particularly homicides, in Chicago earlier this year threatened not only the safety but this city’s way of life. The federal government responded with Operation Legend, one of the most significant federal law enforcement operations in years,” Barr said.

3 thoughts on “Trump administration takes credit for finally stemming Chicago murder wave”

  1. Only 64 murders, wow.
    Pardon my attitude, but 64 murders might be attributed to the lack of shooting skills of the criminal or the expertise of the medical community. Maybe the criminals were too busy looting and carrying on arson activities to worry about shooting people they don’t like. Perhaps the criminal element contracted Covid19 and were to ill to walk the streets at night.
    If 350+ people were murdered in any city in America in a 5 month period, the population would be hysterical, the Media would be chasing down answers looking to blame the local government, and it would be a city on edge with terror.
    Serial Killers! Terrorists! Call in the Nat’l Guard, the Marines! Save us!
    But…..hey…It’s Chicago. Who cares.

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