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Pretend-objective CNN daytime anchors and reporters do Biden’s bidding

I get that the evening is supposed to be for partisan journalists like Don Lemon. But I’m continually amazed that CNN fails to put the breaks on the incessant stream of pr0-Biden and anti-Trump commentary that pours forth all day long, from CNN’s anchors and reporters.

I guess if Jim Acosta is your White House reporter, nothing is going to be objective.

Here is a compilation from the Washington Free Beacon.

And here is Brianna Keilar egregiously using her status as a military spouse to fully endorse The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg’s anonymously sourced attack on Trump as a hater of veterans and our war dead. The¬†Goldberg piece has been challenged by numerous people who were present when Trump made the reported remarks.

2 thoughts on “Pretend-objective CNN daytime anchors and reporters do Biden’s bidding”

  1. The Dem/MSM’s “scorched earth” agenda will haunt our country for decades. Burned out cities, destroyed business, cancelled schools, a divided population, and the electoral process tainted with accusations of cheating will result in a country we no longer recognize.
    The mercy in the CNN constant attempt to demoralize half of the country is that no one cares enough to actually tune in to hear their insults.

    1. I have been “insulted” by the ‘MSM’ since 2008 when I opposed Barack Hussein Obama…and those “insults” have gotten worse.

      This election is going to be interesting and dangerous…

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