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Video || Biden heckled in Pittsburgh

Kudos to the Biden campaign to put him in a setting where this could happen.

6 thoughts on “Video || Biden heckled in Pittsburgh”

  1. OK, something new for the Dems – a heckler.
    Whose non-brilliant idea was it to give Biden three boxes of pizza to carry out of his limo? No one on the planet believes that he- 1. ordered the pizza, 2, paid for the pizza, and 3. carried it on his lap from the pizza ria to the firehall.

    1. I’ll be watching how well Parnell does against Lamb. Biden campaigned for Lamb. Trump won the district in 2016 by 20 points. These poor Dems have to decide if they are in Biden’s camp or AOC’s camp.

  2. lots of people we know won’t let anyone know that they voting for Trump!
    I’ll say that counts for lots and lots of voters across this country who’ll vote foe Trump ! Theres just not the excitement for biden, He’s a loser and this will be the last time we’ll see him…. ahh… back to the basement….

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