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Pence claims credit as positive jobs report pummels Biden

The Biden campaign has two arguments it can make.

One is that President Trump did a lousy job with the coronavirus. It’s not a bad argument, to be honest. How come I still can’t get a medical mask made in America? The other is that the economy is terrible.

Well, the declining economy was never President Trump’s fault. The coronavirus was going to hit us hard no matter what Trump did or did not do.

But today’s jobs report, which puts the unemployment rate at 8.4 percent and says that 1.4 million jobs were created in August kicks the legs out from under one of Biden’s central themes.

Trump can now honestly make the case he has been trying to develop for weeks: That he was responsible for tremendous economic growth previously, and that he is the man to return us to a strong economy.


3 thoughts on “Pence claims credit as positive jobs report pummels Biden”

  1. Keith i try to buy all things not made In china. It is very hard. It takes time. I honestly don’t think anyone elae would have been any more successful fighting covid because the same issues would have presented themselves. Anything teump tried to do was aggressively challenged and many times without regard fir facts.

    Could biden please Quit wearing a black mask constantly. Maje sure peopke around him do or have been tested. So weak!

  2. I’d love to see a report detailing progress that has been/is being made on bringing back certain supply chains from China. Time for an update from Admiral Polowczyk!

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