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Woman refuses to ask Biden scripted question at Kenosha Q & A

So I gather the idea here is to have Joe Biden not look so bad by letting him know exactly what the questions are.

But this Kenosha, Wisconsin woman refused. She went into detail about problems plaguing the black community. I’m sure these problems exist, but I’m sure I disagree with her and the causes and the solutions. But she’s eloquent and sincere, unlike the Biden campaign, which is planting questions meant to look spontaneous.

3 thoughts on “Woman refuses to ask Biden scripted question at Kenosha Q & A”

  1. Every year that Black people carry the chip on their shoulders of real or imagined racism is another year lost.
    By segregating themselves in certain communities or cities they reduce the opportunity for advancement or personal growth.
    They complain they don’t have job opportunities, but they seem reluctant to move to areas where opportunities exist.
    The vast majority of Americans don’t have any harsh feelings about Blacks, don’t want to harm them, wish they all held good jobs, and they would quit blaming Whites for things we can’t do. We can’t force their children to stay in school, to study, do the homework, and stay away from drugs or criminal activity. We can’t stop Blacks from killing other Blacks. We can’t “give” them a job if they don’t have the skills needed, we can’t give them lives of luxury when we don’t live like that either.
    The young woman sounds sincere and troubled, but there’s nothing that JoeBiden can do to give her what she wants.

  2. srdem65, That was excellent. I had a black raciest neighbor. We all tried to get along with him. No way. According to him we were all raciest. He ever upset the landlord. When his lease was up they gave him 30 days notice. He counted the days and saw they miscounted and gave him just 29 days. He refused to move. We were scratching out heads wondering why he would want to stay around us any longer than he had to. He was able to stay an extra 6 months.

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