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Video || Trump appears in Kenosha

He criticized local officials for failing to call for federal help, including in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where he says a century-old store could have been saved if the feds went in just a day earlier.

Biden, of course, is going to drag is butt to Kenosha today because he knows how bad it will look if only Trump appears on the scene. Certainly, he’ll have a different message . . .

3 thoughts on “Video || Trump appears in Kenosha”

  1. Meanwhile Biden is answering soft ball questions and offering vague answers like ” bringing folks together” and ” I can heal people”., “help is on the way”… blah blah blah…not one scintilla of detail…

    And now, after failing to mention violence in our nation, Biden heads to Kenosha….


    1. Yeah I went into a permanent retch back when Obama kept saying vague patronizing feel-good cliches like “I got your back” while campaigning. He didn’t have Ambassador Stevens’ back, I can tell you that for sure.

    2. “help is on the way”… This is code for “I’m going to tax the holy hell out of functional people and give it to the swooning Marxists losers, as long as they vote for me”

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