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Trump comes to Kenosha bearing gifts

Despite being asked to stay away by local officials, President Trump Tuesday traveled to Kenosha, Wisconsin, the latest city being torn apart by rioters.

The people of the city who aren’t trying to burn it down will thank him for stopping by.

He said he would provide money to help rebuild the place and for public safety. Wisconsin is a key swing state. I’m willing to bet that the riots inspired by leftists will hand in the state in November.

According to the Washington Examiner:

President Trump announced that he will provide $4 million to businesses devastated by unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, as well as $1 million to local law enforcement agencies and more than $42 million for public safety across the state.

The money, he said, would help support victims and secure prosecutions.

He made the announcement during a roundtable meeting with police officials, community leaders, and elected representatives.

Earlier, he visited the site of a century-old furniture store that had been destroyed in protests following the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

The president said he was committed to helping Kenosha rebuild.

6 thoughts on “Trump comes to Kenosha bearing gifts”

  1. I know there were comments he shouldn’t go – unfortunately, our leaders tend to go only to friendly places. Personally, I think he should travel to inner cities too. As much as he is hated, I believe that he want to help all Americans so everyone can be successful. I don’t believe he is afraid of people having successful lives, no matter their gender, race, sexual preferences, etc. When people of all walks of life succeed, we are all benefited by it. I recall when terrorists bombed a county building in San Bernardino. Not only was there loss of life, but many wounded and the emotional toll it took was beyond belief. We live in the general area. San Bernardino, for the most part, is not a pretty city. Its income level is low. It filed bankruptcy a number of years ago. But lots of good and decent people of all walks of life live in the surrounding areas and the City. President Obama did not take a special trip there – he did stop by at least a week later (or more) on his way to vacation in Hawaii. It was quite an insult. I think most any other serving President would have made a special trip. We had never experienced anything like it before and people were hurting and were searching for reassurance from our President.

    So much hypocrisy.

    1. Hypocrisy…Dear Leader Obama was (and still is) Full of it.

      BTW…if America is such a “racist” awful nation, how the hell did (*cough* clean articulate black man *cough*) Barack Hussein Obama get ‘elected’ TWICE??

    2. Wendy, Points well made. Today was a campaign
      stop. He needs Wisconsin’s electoral votes. He won it in 2016 while Hillary was trying to win Iowa. She did not visit Wisconsin.

  2. MrSpook, everyone knows only people of color voted for Obama.

    I was afraid of the repercussions from a visit by the President. I was wrong, and happily wrong, too.
    What troubles us yokels in fly-over is the passiveness of the ordinary people of these cities who are not raising a holy storm of indignation at their ‘leaders’. It’s easy to blame the people who did the burning, the vandalism, but it’s the Leaders of the city who are negligent . Arrest them, call in the Nat’l Guard, the Marines, the Red Hat League of Old Ladies…it doesn’t matter who, but get this under control.

  3. I was happy how well President Trump’s visit went. Glaringly absent we’re Gov. Tony Evers and Kenosha’s Mayor, even if they disagree with Trump, the people (all of them, black and white), they should have made the effort of meeting him halfway. Biden thought this would look bad for Trump, it only looked bad for Democrats.

  4. I have an issue with paying for the damage done by criminals while local authorities stand and watch the bills rack up.

    As I said at the beginning of this cultural tantrum, if the police are going to stand by and allow crimes to be committed, then they should be de-funded. Criminals should be arrested and crimes should be prevented by whatever means necessary.

    I’m tired of paying to enable people’s senseless dysfunction resulting from bad parenting.

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