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Trump should stop giving opinions on cases under investigation

This is the kind of thing Barack Obama used to do, and it disgusted me then, as it does now when President Trump does the same thing.

Trump has weighed in on two controversial cases. As the president, he can influence what are supposed to be impartial investigations. But he doesn’t seem to care.

Why was he trying to meet with the family of Jacob Blake? It appears now that he will not. But it also appears that he wants to. Are the White House liberals telling him he should “show compassion”?

Jacob Blake was shot by a police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin. We don’t know a lot more yet about why. Democrats, of course, have come to an opinion, because political correctness demands it. They think the cop is guilty of bloody murder.

It appears Blake may have had a knife, or access to one. If that is correct, and he used it to charge an officer, the knife would have been inside the officer before gunshots took him down, since they were at close quarters. It’s at least possible the shooting is justified for that reason. The officer may also have thought, if it’s correct that there were children in the car, whether Blake’s or not, that he was going to drive off with them and endanger them. Police had apparently been called to the scene because someone thought Blake was a danger.

Or, it could be that the shooting was unjustified, and the cop is the Grand Wizard of the Kenosha KKK. We just don’t know. And Trump should butt out.

Monday, he expressed support for Kyle Rittenhouse, who killed two Kenosha protestors. “I guess he was in very big trouble. He probably would have been killed. It’s under investigation,” Trump said.

Well, maybe. But again, let the wheels of justice turn without presidential intervention.

5 thoughts on “Trump should stop giving opinions on cases under investigation”

  1. PresTrump is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t . The MSM loves to throw live-bomb questions at him hoping for some fodder for the evening news.
    If he gave his personal opinion on current investigations, yes, he could color how it happens or ends. If he didn’t offer an opinion, he would be accused of favoring whoever or whatever the main issue caused the problem.

  2. Just maybe Keith your disgust should be turned toward the ‘journalist’ who asked the question as the MSM — smarter than this president — would not want to jeopardize the case by asking the question…..

    No journalist would ever ask the president to give out the codes to the nukes or something similar– imagine if — say — with some sort of mental issue or some failure of thought that the president just reacted and gave them out?

    Trump knows that the MSM — what some call journalists — know that that question was all for politics — and when you ask a politician a question you should expect the politician to use it for his advantage — which I think he did, politically.

  3. Our “breaking news” mentality is jeopardizing due diligence and investigation in law enforcement. We feel the need to comment immediately. And when we don’t, the MSM jumps on us for even that.
    New information about the Floyd and Blake incidents is causing many to take a second look at the facts. Did Floyd swallow a lethal dose of fentanyl as he was being arrested, thus contributing to his death? New data seems to lean that way. And Blake was wanted on an outstanding warrant for sexual assault and the police knew this. His ex was the one who called 911 that day. This is news I have seen recently, although even this could be suspect. We do not do justice to everyone involved in these incidents unless we have all the facts, and jumping to conclusions will never change the facts of the case…never.


  4. He wouldn’t be Trump if he didn’t jump into every daily controversy. It’s maddening.

    I’m sure he wants to reach out to Blake’s family as broader black voter outreach, but Blake is a rapist and doesn’t deserve the attention.

    1. The “MSM” and these uppity “Journalists” need to do some reporting into Jacob Blake’s long and active criminal record… Like George Floyd’s extensive criminal background & history…

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