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Harris: Radicals are welcome in our coalition because we embrace diversity

What? So because you favor “diversity,” you welcome people into the party who want to overturn the republic?

This is where the Democrats are. Kamala Harris especially. And once Joe Biden can no longer count backward from ten, she takes over.

Harris was asked during an MSNBC interview about Democrats being radical.

Her answer:

The most important point I think that can be made about the diversity of who we are is an embrace for the diversity of who we are. That’s who we are as Democrats. We embrace the diversity of who we are. We’re not requiring people to march and fall in line, And if you want to call that radical, perhaps it is in the eyes of Donald Trump. But I would say that a quest for unity and a fight for an America that sees everyone, and a vision of the future of  America in which everyone can see themselves, is reflective of who we are and who we aspire to be as a nation.

What does that even mean? Does that mean Republicans should bring white supremacists into the party for the sake of “diversity”?

9 thoughts on “Harris: Radicals are welcome in our coalition because we embrace diversity”

  1. I guess being an anarchist is just being diverse nowadays. Support Burn, Loot, and Murder like you have been, and your approval among ppl of all races will plummet. Bumbling’ Joe and his radical running mate will assure Trump 4 more years.

    1. What the hell is she trying to say? She sounds as confused as Joe.

      To Kamala, burning businesses, looting stores and threatening regular people is a legitimate protest. But protesting about mask wearing, returning to work, opening businesses, or going to church is an act of right wing terrorism.

  2. If the Dems want to include arsonists, looters, and mermaid queen/kings into their party, do it.
    Don’t expect law-abiding, real men and women to approve of your actions.

    1. I wonder how Kamala would feel about radicals, if they were storming her home? My guess she would act like Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and declare her neighborhood off limits to the very radicals she “welcomed.”

  3. She says they don’t require being in lockstep, but I think that the experience of pro-life Democrats recently might argue otherwise.

  4. Hi Keith,

    Did you mean “Harris was asked during an NBC interview about Democrats being radical.”, instead of “MSNBC interview” (as you stated above)? The YouTube clip you posted is from her “The Today Show” interview, which is NBC.

    Unless you are referring to a separate interview Kamala Harris did on MSNBC?

    Thank you for clarifying.

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