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Trump approval among blacks rises nine points during GOP convention

This should make Democrats very scared. A quarter of black people approve of the job President Trump is doing. That’s very high.

Republicans put on the most inclusive convention in their history, repeatedly showcasing African Americans who backed President Trump.

Across a range of issues, like the economy, policing, and school choice, Trump’s policies are much better for blacks than those of the Democrats. They should be voting Republican.

And if more of them do in a number of swing states, Trump could easily win the Electoral College.

Now, the evidence is in that the convention appeal worked.

According to The Hill:

President Trump’s support among black voters rose 9 percentage points amid the Republican National Convention, a new Hill-HarrisX poll finds.

Twenty-four percent of registered black voters in the Aug. 22-25 survey, which included the first two days of the convention, said they approve of the job Trump is doing as president, while 76 percent said they disapprove.

That is up 9 points from the previous survey conducted Aug. 8-11, where the President received 15 percent support among this group.

The survey found support among Hispanic voters also grew by 2 percentage points, from 30 percent in the last poll to 32 percent in this most recent survey.

Forty-four percent of overall registered voters in the Aug. 22-25 survey approved of Trump’s job as president, a 1 percentage point dip from the last poll.

4 thoughts on “Trump approval among blacks rises nine points during GOP convention”

  1. “They should be voting Republican” –That’s the understatement of the month.

    We NEED education more than anything. If the predominately black communities were aware of the truth behind the policies and their results, they would mostly vote republican. That goes for all communities actually.

  2. Anything that panics the Gimmiedat Potty and its collection of screaming mediocrities is a good thing. Maybe the best of things.

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