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The anti-Trump “GOP” Lincoln Project has nowhere to go

This is from an opinion piece I have running on the NBC News website today titled, “Donald Trump’s RNC speech won’t please the Never-Trumpers. Here’s why GOP voters will love it.”

It discusses why the Lincoln Project is an empty vessel leading nowhere, because the Democrats have gone too far left, and the GOP is Trump’s party now.

From the piece:

Though the moral repulsion of the Lincoln Project’s founders toward Trump may well be genuine, the heart of their effort is typical establishment condescension toward average voters. They presuppose — as do many Democrats and Republican elites — that Trump supporters are mindless, hero-worshipping “deplorables,” who have no idea in their Neanderthal skulls other than to bow down to a demagogue. Or worse, that Trump has allowed their inner Mephistopheleses to emerge.

“As Americans,” the Lincoln Project’s founders announced in their inaugural op-ed in December, “we must stem the damage he and his followers are doing to the rule of law, the Constitution and the American character.” His “followers” would be 9 out of 10 Republicans, and plenty of independents, too.

No doubt, a figure like Trump, who is compulsively watchable — whether because you can’t avert your eyes from a train wreck or you think the locomotive is a thing of beauty — attracts some people with his personality alone. But even those drawn to his flame are eager to see him burn to ashes the policies and practices of the elite leadership in both parties who they believe have been shepherding the United States to Gomorrah — and likely to eventual disintegration.

Trump voters affirmatively chose him for a good many reasons: because they saw a nation losing its sovereignty to the agendas of Republican and Democratic internationalists; erasing manufacturing employment as unmitigated free trade and offshoring exported jobs overseas; getting enmeshed in too many foreign military adventures at once; allowing too much immigration, legal and illegal, for the culture to absorb; and moving too rapidly to abandon long-held norms about marriage, gender, religious freedom and free speech on campuses and elsewhere.

I hope you have a chance to take a look at the rest of it!

3 thoughts on “The anti-Trump “GOP” Lincoln Project has nowhere to go”

  1. I had heard the name, Lincoln Project, before, but had no idea their purpose was to undermine a sitting president. Silly me, I thought it had something to do with the struggle the Black community was dealing with today. Really.

    After reading your most informative piece, the group and their message sounds a little like treason at the worst, or delusion at the best. The fly-over community isn’t impressed with the self-imagined elite who spend their lives trying to convince each other that they are the important ones, while we are just bit-players in a sad drama.
    Like most anti-Trump diehards, they have no idea how MrTrump won over all the experienced, well-informed, and qualitied professional politicians to win the Repub nomination. They laughed at the idea that he could best the candidate they thought was better than everyone.
    There’s little excuse for re-hashing what happened in 2016, or to guess what will happen this year , because the message that MrTrump sends to us is the same as before.

  2. Seriously, if the “Never Trump”-ers were motivated even the slightest bit by concern over abandonment of the “rule of law”, they would be tattooing “Trump 2020” on their foreheads. Give me a friggin break.

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