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Republican convention features more minority outreach than ever

If you’ve been watching, you’ll note that from black Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott’s speech capping the first night, to the appearance Wednesday night of civil rights hero Clarence Henderson, who participated in the famous Greensboro lunch counter sit-in, Republicans have been aggressively touting their party as a welcoming home for minorities.

This is an excellent strategy, both politically and otherwise, and I think it is working. You can’t watch the proceedings without imbibing the emphasis on women, blacks, and Hispanics. I don’t think I’ve seen too many Asian Americans – though Nikki Haley of course appeals to Indian-American – and this is a group that Republicans need to target more heavily.

Just a small movement of blacks toward the GOP in states like Florida, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, and many others will make a huge difference for President Trump, and it could help him pick up Minnesota or Virginia.

But the point should be well taken. Half a century of liberal welfare has not advanced the cause of blacks and Hispanics. It’s time to try something new. Meantime, the breakdown in law and order and the attack on the police kills more black people than anyone else.

And I applaud the many African Americans who have appeared at the Republican convention. They are standing up for what they believe, and they are going to take a lot of crap for it.

2 thoughts on “Republican convention features more minority outreach than ever”

  1. All of the conversation about racial preferences in politics is…racist. When the color of one’s skin or the country of one’s ancestors decide which political party would best benefit them means that people believe that one party over the other would NOT be a good choice.
    The big conversation now is that “racist police target and/or kill Black men” , but give White men a pass and that’s not true. Resisting arrest for any reason could result in a violent end – we all know that.
    Years of racial conflict and name-calling has resulted in a Don’t Care Anymore mind set among many Americans. They want to kneel for our Nat’l Anthem, go ahead, we’ll take our money and go elsewhere. They want to cancel the NBA playoffs, sure , we don’t care. The Dems allow rioters to burn down their own city, we can’t stop them, but then again, we won’t pay to fix what has been ruined.

    Maybe the Powers That Be haven’t noticed, or choose to ignore the changing winds of concern with the eternal victims who are never satisfied.

  2. I have watched a fair amount. I’ve enjoyed many of the speakers. I thought VP Pence did a great job. Watching the President, Vice President and their wives interact afterwards with the wounded military and others – you could tell they genuinely cared about them.

    Many of the African/American speakers are very credible people – Herschel Walker, Clarence Henderson, Burgess Owens, Jack Brewer, and upcoming Ben Carson. I have seen Jack Brewer on Fox Business many times and have enjoyed his intellect and knowledge of investing.

    I have always believed that Republicans are fair minded and inclusive with minorities – We live in an area of California that has a large middle class Hispanic population. We have many Hispanic friends. We have multicultural family units. We live in an over 55+ development) and the population is very diverse, ethnicity and sexually. Most, if not all residents, fall in the middle to upper middle class category. Everyone is sociable, get along and there does not appear to be any racial or sexual animosity or discrimination – if there was – those individuals would not be welcomed in our circles.

    I grew up being taught to treat others as you want to be treated – even if you don’t “like” the person. I’m with you Keith – I applaud the African Americans who have been presenters. They know they will be chastised or cancelled because of it. I honestly believe that most people of all walks of life just want to work hard, provide for their family, educate their children and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

    I also believe if a career Republican politician was our candidate, you would not be getting this cross section of people. The media and the left really want to think that those who support President Trump are ignorant or lack morals. They just don’t know the American people. We may not like everything he says, but we do appreciate that he truly cares about the average citizen and could care less about the super rich, Hollywood stars and media that is so biased. I could go on……

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