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ICYMI: The moment Trump granted a pardon to Jon Ponder

President Trump knows how to do TV, and this was pretty good TV.

But I’m not that cynical about it. I think Trump cares about people like this. I do.

“Two years ago, I was honored to tell Jon Ponder’s story of transformation in the Rose Garden on the National Day of Prayer,” Trump said during a video made for the Republican convention, in which he was accompanied by Ponder and the FBI agent who arrested him. “Jon’s life is a beautiful testament to the power of redemption.”

He noted that in prison after being convicted of bank robbery, Ponder studies the bible and later founded “Hope for Prisoners,” a Nevada program that helps ex-cons get back on their feet.

And then, this happened.

3 thoughts on “ICYMI: The moment Trump granted a pardon to Jon Ponder”

  1. I’ve heard average Americans comment when they’ve been in his presence for something say that he is really very kind and compassionate and interested in them. I think Herschel Walker said it best when he said President Trump told him to treat people that do all types of jobs well because they get things done, make sure you know their names – that is very important. My husband has an Uncle who was a small business owner. He was a tough task master, but one thing he made certain about – his employees were to treat people of walks of life as if they were the most important person in their store. He and his wife entertained a lot and their guests were people from every walk of life, ethnicity, etc.

  2. My husband worked at (then) National Airport, now named for Ronald Reagan (oh, the irony!) back in the 1980s and met Mr. Trump because he worked refueling planes, including those from Trump Airlines. He said Trump was nice to everyone. Same as Ronald Reagan, whom he met overseas when with the Air Force in Germany.

  3. There are so many who run in and out of prison all their lives, unable or unwilling to walk on the right side of our laws.
    Whatever caused MrPonder to chose his life’s path after prison, he shares with others and we’re all grateful for it.

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