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But you’re on the Democratic line! C-SPAN callers swayed by Trump convention

A friend of mine in the Washington area, a journalist, told me this morning he stayed up after the convention and watched C-SPAN for a little bit.

Sorry, that’s the kind of thing we do.

Caller after called, on both the Republican and Democratic lines, he told me, expressed support for President Trump.

This afternoon, I took a look at the GOP War Room YouTube feed. They were watching too.

Don’t worry, the C-SPAN host doesn’t have heartburn. I think that’s how he always looks.

7 thoughts on “But you’re on the Democratic line! C-SPAN callers swayed by Trump convention”

  1. I believe people of all walks and opinions are tiring of being told they are racist, deplorable, homophobic, xenophobic, etc. You don’t know what to believe any more as it relates to the pandemic. People want affirmation – and it has been terribly lacking for months now. We are lectured because we aren’t washing our hands (how do they know), we aren’t wearing masks, we aren’t social distancing, we aren’t accepting of bizarre lifestyles, we aren’t sympathetic to the rioting, etc. I could go on.

  2. My theory:
    If your parents or grandparents were immigrants, or you or your school mates were immigrants, MrsTrump is admired for her language skills.
    If you are a college student today, you learn with people from all over the world who struggle with English and show great patience with them.
    If you are somewhere in the middle of these two examples, you think anyone who doesn’t speak American English the way you approve of they should be ridiculed and embarrassed.
    Of course, there are those who begrudge MrsTrump the very air that flows across the United States because she is married to Donald J. Trump. So, there’s that, too.

  3. Hi Keith. Did the C-SPAN host really say “But you’re on the Democratic line!”, or did you just add that as a headline in your own words?

    1. Mollie,
      I was watching C-Span, too. The host did ask several people “But you’re on the Democrat line!”, who called on Democrat line, in support of President Trump and the Republicans. The callers told the host that they were Democrats and they were supporting President Trump and Republicans.
      Mollie, if you took the time to listen to the replay of callers on C-Span, before asking your uniformed question, you would be more enlightened.

  4. I also had C SPAN on and was surprised that so many dems called in to put a vote in for President Trump. I watch all of the rallies and conventions on C SPAN because there are no talking heads or commercials

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