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Jeff Flake leads two dozen former Republican lawmakers in backing Biden

They don’t have to face Republican voters anymore. So what the hell?

Former Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, a frequent President Trump critic, is leading two dozen ex-GOP lawmakers in saying they will back leftism and maybe even anarchy instead of Trump.

Not to mention a candidate who may not be able to tell Russia from Prussia in a few months.

Perhaps one of them represented you. Here’s the list:

  • Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona
  • Sen. Gordon Humphrey of New Hampshire
  • Sen. John Warner of Virginia
  • Rep. Steve Bartlett of Texas
  • Rep. Bill Clinger Pennsylvania
  • Rep. Tom Coleman of Missouri
  • Rep. Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania
  • Rep. Charles Djou of Hawaii
  • Rep. Mickey Edwards of Oklahoma
  • Rep. Wayne Gilchrest of Maryland
  • Rep. Jim Greenwood of Pennsylvania
  • Rep. Bob Inglis of South Carolina
  • Rep. Jim Kolbe of Arizona
  • Rep. Steve Kuykendall of California
  • Rep. Ray LaHood of Illinois
  • Rep. Jim Leach of Iowa
  • Rep. Susan Molinari of New York
  • Rep. Connie Morella of Maryland
  • Rep. Mike Parker of Mississippi
  • Rep. Jack Quinn of New York
  • Rep. Claudine Schneider of Rhode Island
  • Rep. Christopher Shays of Connecticut
  • Rep. Peter Smith of Vermont
  • Rep. Alan Steelman of Texas
  • Rep. Jim Walsh of New York
  • Rep. Bill Whitehurst of Virginia
  • Rep. Dick Zimmer of New Jersey

5 thoughts on “Jeff Flake leads two dozen former Republican lawmakers in backing Biden”

  1. Like this will change votes— I’m sorry, but the Republicans who can’t stand President Trump don’t need these former elected officials to move them to Mr. Biden – Such arrogance. They all think they are so important. I did not watch a minute of the DNC – only saw a few clips while watching some recaps on a news show I might be watching. There did not appear to be any effort to reach mainstream America. Full of some very angry people.

  2. Traitors….. worse yet, they are traitors not to the President, but to their constituency. they need to recall that they REPRESENT people, not just themselves.


  3. Jeff Flake was my congressman. I voted for him as a congressman, then voted for him for the US Senate.
    I apologize (again) for my vote and my support of a weak, two-faced, self-absorbed, pretentious jerk.

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