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Obama failed with the swine flu worse than Trump did with Covid

The Democratic convention amounted in part to a forum for blaming President Trump for every coronavirus death in the United States so far.

But as Kimberly Strassel points out in the Wall Street Journal, the Obama-Biden administration fell down much harder with their own attempt to curtail the 2009 H1N1 swine flu. But they got lucky. It turned out not to be as virulent as the coronavirus.

Of course, they did release the stockpile of emergency protective supplies and never replenished it.

She writes:

By April 27 the U.S. had its first death, a 23-month-old child. Other countries started shutting facilities, telling citizens to stay home, quarantining visitors. The Obama administration still had no idea how deadly the disease was, though the World Health Organization called the outbreak a threat to “all humanity,” and health experts predicted hospitals would be overloaded.

The administration nonetheless took a resigned approach to its spread. Mr. Obama didn’t close the Mexican border, saying that would “be akin to closing the barn doors after the horses are out.” His officials did declare a health emergency (Mr. Obama was golfing that day) and distributed the national stockpile (which they never replenished). No one considered a national lockdown, especially not an administration focused on a fragile economic recovery. Mr. Obama promised to “control” the “impact” of the virus—not the virus itself. He asked Congress for all of $1.5 billion.

Authorities grew more optimistic as H1N1 turned out to be less deadly than had been feared, but they still faced the risk of an uglier strain in the fall. Team Obama promised 100 million doses of vaccine by mid-October. But government setbacks in production, manufacturing and dosing protocols resulted in only 11 million doses, prompting national outrage. By that point, the CDC estimated 22 million Americans had been infected, 36,000 children hospitalized, and 540 kids had died.

Before Covid-19, Democrats were willing to admit they’d dodged a bullet. Former Biden chief of staff Ron Klain said at Texas A&M in 2019: “We did every possible thing wrong. Sixty million Americans got H1N1 in that period of time, and it is just purely a fortuity that this isn’t one of the great mass-casualty events in American history.

7 thoughts on “Obama failed with the swine flu worse than Trump did with Covid”

  1. I had the swing flu so bad that one night a neighbor had to call the police to get me off of his children’s swing in the back yard. It was horrible.
    I’m lucky to have beaten that horrible swing flu.

  2. srdem65, Thanks for the laugh.

    Keith, these commentators won’t let you make any kind of mistake. They all have eagle eyes. We got a good story out of this one.

    1. That’s why there was the massive elbow-to-elbow pool party in Wuhan attended by 1000s. Hopefully, dems will see too late that responsible parents are moving to states with open schools by the 1000s and voting againgst fearmongers who whould have the economy shutdown for many more months!

  3. Swine flu nearly killed my oldest son in college, there were no closings or masks back then. When they realized there were so many people infected, Obama’s Administration stopped the testing to hide the total numbers of cases. Despicable and now Obama has the nerve to point his fingers at President Trump.

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