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Video || Joe Biden does not remember what year he was first sworn in

This is from Tuesday, an event with Tom Hanks.

You would think being sworn in as president is something even someone with declining mental faculties would remember. First, he says it was 2016. Then he corrects himself — 2012.

Two problems here. First of all, no president was sworn in during either of those years. They were, of course, sworn in January of the following year. He is talking about election years.

The event he is discussing, when Obama picked him up on the train in Wilmington to head to Washington to be sworn in, occurred in 2009.

What’s more, he can barely express himself.

How is it that the press is not in a holy rage that the Democrats are hiding this man who is experiencing increasingly severe mental decline? People were in an uproar at the mere thought that Ronald Reagan may have been in the early stages of Alzheimer’s at the end of his presidency. Not that they’ve shown that he was, but oh man, just the thought of it!

This guy is older than Reagan when Reagan left office. If this were a Republican, people would be demanding that he undergo a battery of mental tests.

6 thoughts on “Video || Joe Biden does not remember what year he was first sworn in”

  1. It’s hard to remain kind toward someone who isn’t what he used to be when that someone is aiming to sit at the top of our government, protect us from enemies, and guide our future prosperity. Biden isn’t at fault here, it’s the people pushing him out in public. He is what he is, and nothing will change except to worsen.

    IMO, this isn’t just “elder abuse”, it’s also abuse of a mentally handicapped old man.
    It just makes me angry to watch this every day.

  2. Biden has no sense of where he is or what he is doing! Every voting American should realize this ruse the democrats are trying to pull off! I hope every one of them dies soon!

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