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The Resistance contemplates armed battle to remove Trump from office

The day after Election Day is going to be very bad news. The results are almost certain to be contested, given President Trump’s distrust of mail-in voting and Democrats’ unwillingness to contemplate another four years of Trump.

Are Democrats willing to go along again with winning the popular vote but losing the Electoral College? Given that there is an African American on the ticket, will there not be allegations that racism or voter suppression brought about Trump’s victory?

At the very least, acceptance of the results will be delayed.

According to Byron York in the Washington Examiner:

With 80 days left before the presidential election, a new and dangerous rhetoric has emerged from some corners of the Resistance. A number of President Trump’s most implacable critics are fantasizing about deploying the U.S. military to remove him from the White House on Jan. 20, 2021, based on their assumption that a.) he will lose the election, and b.) he will refuse to leave office on his own.

Recently, two retired Army officers speculated about deploying a brigade from the 82nd Airborne Division to overpower Trump’s “private army” that they believe the defeated president will use to try to cling to office. Another retired officer, a former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, imagined the military in battle with armed Trump supporters, the result being that “all bets are off as to how much blood might flow.” In addition, a group of former government officials, political operatives, and journalists concocted a scenario in which Trump actually won reelection but Democrat Joe Biden refused to accept the result in hopes that the military would side with him against the president.

In that scenario, as in the 2016 election, Trump lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College — meaning he won the presidency. But Biden and his Democratic supporters would not accept the election verdict. The transition period was wild. Biden pushed the Democratic governors of states Trump won to reject the president’s electors and substitute Biden electors instead. Democrats encouraged some states to secede from the United States to put pressure on Trump. Biden’s campaign made wild demands in exchange for conceding, such as statehood for Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico, and breaking up California to add new Democratic senators. A standoff ensued. Trump had without doubt won the presidency, but Democrats were willing to do virtually anything to keep the president from his second term. Finally, Inauguration Day came with the situation “unresolved.” The group’s report said: “It was unclear what the military would do in this situation.” The suggestion, never made explicit, was that Democrats would seek the military’s help in evicting the constitutionally elected president from the White House.


6 thoughts on “The Resistance contemplates armed battle to remove Trump from office”

  1. A lot of us believe that MrTrump will be reelected by winning both the Electoral College and the popular vote.
    The skewed thinking of the anti-Trump cabal always ignores that millions of Trump supporters won’t allow any quasi/faux military force remove him from office without some active resistance on their part. Civil war? maybe.

    1. “This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it.”

      November 2020…

  2. So QuidProJoe is going to be another Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez? A dictator who claims office by force? Turning America into a Banana Republic? A Third World $hith0le?
    November is going to be verrrrrrry interesting.

  3. The vitriol spouted by Democrats, the media, and now a former aide to Powell should be called out. Why hasn’t Pelosi, Obama or Biden been forced to denounce the actions of their supporters, including the actions of (Obama’s equally funded and armed civilian army) BLM/ANTIFA? This started with Hillary not admitting she lost in a fair election. My greatest hope is that there is a silent group of black voters who will vote for Trump, thereby re-electing Trump unquestionably. Pray for this President and our country, and arm yourselves, forthis battle won’t be easy.

  4. If Trump loses, I believe he’ll leave, and he won’t leave any minefields behind the way Obama and his agency thugs have done. I think he has far more respect for the Nation and the American people than anyone — anyone — on the left.

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