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Huffington Post reporter asks Trump if he regrets “All the lying you’ve done”

S.V. Dáte a reporter for the liberal Huffington Post, wanted to know today if President Trump regrets his lies to the American people.

Well, actually, S.V. Dáte wanted to make a statement that Trump lies to the American people, and so he did. Because that’s how we do it in objective journalism these days.

Probably the most noteworthy part of the exchange, since we already know the press has an opinion and expresses it, is that Trump didn’t go for the bait.

12 thoughts on “Huffington Post reporter asks Trump if he regrets “All the lying you’ve done””

  1. I just started laughing when I read the headline.
    How utterly stupid and ignorant of this foolish wanker to put that out there.
    Maybe it’s like Keith said and she threw the “question” out into the ether in an attempt to make it a fact.
    But really, I think she considers herself a hard hitting journalist who is patting herself on the back for having thrown a hardball question at a man who would chew her up and spit her out if she were living in the real world.
    Ignoring her stupidity is just what she deserved.

    1. So, so, so many questions to ask Biden-Harris…that will NEVER be asked by today’s useless, biased, sycophant “MSM”…

  2. Trump should just give a look of ” are you shi##ing me?” and move on. At some point the Press Corps must act and sanction reporters who ask inflammatory questions that are steeped in hatred and have no basis in news or interest of the American people


    1. What he SHOULD have done, was point to the door and say, “Get out. Turn in your now revoked press pool credentials. You’re done here.”

  3. Of course, ignoring the not-really-a-question-question only leads to the fake headline: “Trump left speechless by reporter’s question.”

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