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Kamala Harris is not popular, polling shows

Recent polling by YouGov finds that since Kamala Harris has entered into the public consciousness and began aggressively campaigning for president last year, she has not been particularly popular with voters.

According to YouGov, her unpopularity reached a peak at the end of November with close to 50 percent expressing a negative view of her and just 35% saying they had a favorable opinion.

As the chart below shows, once Democrats chose Joe Biden as their presidential candidate and Harris faded from sight, her unfavorable rating fell to become just about even with her favorable number.

Kamala Harris favorability poll

Kamala Harris polling

So with all the commentary about her charisma and the strength she may bring to the Biden ticket, it seems she has the same problem he does: The less seen, the better.


5 thoughts on “Kamala Harris is not popular, polling shows”

  1. Hardcore left will blindly vote for Biden/Harris. Other Dems may sit this one out, unless they despise Trump enough to roll the dice and hope for the best. That sector is strong right now. If the economy continues to rebound and IF a vaccine is imminent, the incumbent should fare well. The media drumbeat is hard to ignore, but I do sense a growing hostility towards all cable news and that is a good thing. I have stopped watching 98% of cable news.

  2. It seems that Biden picked the one “woman of color” with the most baggage and the least acceptable to the current favored racial identity .

  3. Kamala has a certain manufactured-ness to her that I can’t exactly describe but she is not interesting, funny, witty, likable or any of that. I also saw her (with her pre-planned comments) do really well and also really terribly in debates. Her grilling of Barr and Kavanaugh were not remarkable for the intellect or show.

    On the debates I would think that Pence will do well against her as he will be prepared. If I say that Mike is a 80% guy on debates for grades I have a 99% confidence that he will be somewhere between 79.6% and 80.4%. Kamala is very risky — high degree of variability of expected outcome < the text book definition of risk.

    BTW…. Joe Biden used to be pretty risky — could sound likable, confident and competent — or a knucklehead… Now much less risk. He is reliably less than all there mentally.

    See — Kamala is so uninteresting that I could not even do a whole post on her alone.

  4. What about the “elephant in the room?” If the whole country is as racist as BLM, Antifa, Democrats, academia, sports figures, team owners, entertainers, and the leftist media (did I leave anybody out?) make it out to be, how could she stand a chance?

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