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White House Dossier will not publish this week

White House Dossier will not publish this week. It will return on Tuesday, August 11. I will, however, post the schedule each day. Feel free to leave comments about anything and everything, but please be nice. I’ll leave this message at the top.

Otherwise, my regular readers are officially in charge. They know how to take care of the place.

I hope you all have a very nice week.

11 thoughts on “White House Dossier will not publish this week”

  1. House party!!!!! Dad is away!!!!

    Ok, let me kick off the discussion. Yesterday the Dragon capsule splashed down off the coast of Pensacola‚Ķ a wonderful event that all factions of Americans should cheer and be proud of. It was fascinating. But what about those recreational boaters out there that circled the capsule as it bobbed in the ocean. I chuckled at the one with the TRUMP flag flying, but how the heck does the USCG let any boats any where near this area? And how did the recreational boaters reach the capsule before the NASA quick boats got there? Ok, cut them some slack, the last splashdown was 1975, I was barely in college… but NASA needs to work on this protocol for the next mission, which I think is next month… woo hooo!

    1. It is a historic travesty & mistake that We, the USA, ‘gave up’ on the Moon in 1975…(I know excuses; budget/too expensive etc)

      We, USA should have built nuclear power rockets/space ships after Apollo in 1970s to establish a moon base in the 1980s… Imagine today 2020 we could have had lunar colonies/cities/territories (like movie ‘Ad Astra’) and regular civilian space flight…We could have even been on Mars by now…

      If America only kept the Pride & Will to keep going to the Stars… :-(

  2. I listened to some of the Subcommittee hearing in the Senate on free speech. The usual – questions from the Republicans and self-serving speeches and rants from the Dems. I wish the Dems would not treat hearings as opportunities to spew their views.

  3. “You may not see me for awhile…” – The Pres

    Anyone know what that’s about (or we can insert joke about the timing of Keith’s week away)?

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