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Video || Triggered! Trump gets media to spend day talking about moving the election

President Trump got some very bad economic news Thursday morning. The economy had plummeted in the second quarter. A few minutes later, he mused on Twitter about moving Election Day.

HOLD THE PRESSES! New story. So all day, the media did this:

Instead of this.

And then later in the day, he pulled it back, saying he wanted a vote on Election Day after all.

1 thought on “Video || Triggered! Trump gets media to spend day talking about moving the election”

  1. They keep assuming Trump knows nothing about corrupt politics.

    Think about this for a second: the man cut his teeth in construction and real estate, two industries that inherently demand an awful lot of asking “mother may I?”

    In New York and New Jersey, “mother” is on the take as often as not. And the journalism of personal destruction is nowhere more vicious, than it is in the Hudson Valley.

    Trump knows how to play the media. For you “Survivor” fans, he reminds me a bit of Rob Mariano. He yells Squirrel, they immediately start looking for a squirrel.

    It both amazes and amuses me, to see the media still falling into his traps with such predictable regularity.

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