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New poll puts Biden only four points ahead of Trump

An Emerson College poll released Friday show Joe Biden ahead of President Trump nationally by just four points, 50%-46%.

Emerson is a respected polling outfit. It’s not a bunch of kids doing a science project.

If we go into Election Day with Biden up just four points in the polls, Trump wins the Electoral College, and maybe the popular vote too.

A majority of voters, 53%, think Trump will win the election.

Here is some more of the breakdown:

Biden also leads Trump with those aged 18-29 (63% to 27%), those 30-49 (56% to 41%), those living in urban areas (68% to 28%), and those living in suburban areas (51% to 44%). Trump leads Biden among those aged 50-64 (55% to 44%), those 65 or more (58% to 39%), and those living in rural areas (67% to 31%).

Regarding Trump’s overall job approval as president, 45% of voters approve and 51% disapprove, a slight increase in both numbers from June (43% favorable /50% unfavorable). Among Independent voters, 42% approve and 55% disapprove.

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  1. I always want to see the breakdown of those samples but didn’t find it. Note that they also conducted state polls in CA, OH and TX. Trump leads in OH and TX.

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