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Chris Christie threatens to run for president in 2024

He was supposed to be the tough law-and-order, no-nonsense candidate of 2016. But someone took that mantle away from him, and Christie didn’t have much else to offer.

So now he’s thinking about plunging back in.

“I certainly wouldn’t foreclose any possibility, right? So, might I consider running? Sure, absolutely,” Christie told the Washington Post. “I’m 57 years old. I still am very involved in political life and public life in this country and have a lot of opinions about where the country should be headed and how it should be managed.┬áSo I certainly wouldn’t discount, you know, me running again in 2024.”

His best moment of 2016, the dismantling of Marco Rubio, was too little, too late.

Unfortunately, this is how his performance usually went.

2 thoughts on “Chris Christie threatens to run for president in 2024”

  1. Sure, Try again.
    In 4 years, the Dems will have found the perfect bi-sexual, color, atheist, billionaire who has never stepped out of the “woke” line. Christie will look like the perfect candidate.

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