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Video || At John Lewis funeral, Obama demands end to the filibuster

It is now absolutely clear that the Democrats will get rid of the filibuster and steamroll their agenda if they win the Senate and keep the House.

How come Republicans never think of these things when they hold the reins of power? Of our elected officials only Democrats seem to understand that this is a war for the future.

Obama proposed a new civil rights act, making Election Day a national holiday, automatically registering everyone to vote, making Puerto Rico and Washington DC states, and then said:

“And if all this takes eliminating the filibuster, another Jim Crow relic, in order to secure the Go-driven rights of every American, then that’s what we should do,” he said.

Apparently now the filibuster is also racist.

12 thoughts on “Video || At John Lewis funeral, Obama demands end to the filibuster”

  1. So…this was another gaudy, class-less “famous black person funeral” with eulogy speakers (Dear Leader Obama) spewing shallow, bitter, biased political rants…?

    1. Yes, it was gaudy, classless, and everything else you said. I’m surprised Lewis’ coffin wasn’t covered with rhinestone bling.

    1. A clean & articulate Black Man as US President…I bet that would solve everything wrong with this cursed USA…

  2. Thought Obama and his “wife” (big Mike) were in Gitmo?!? Possibly awaiting tribunals for all the criminal and treasonous acts committed by both while Barry served a false stint as the USA president successfully pulling the wool over so many “educated” but stupid people’s eyes.

  3. Another political rally disguised as a funeral eulogy.

    I bet right now Paul Wellstone is punching John Lewis in the arm saying “See, I told you they can’t help themselves”. And Rick Kahn is texting Obama saying: “Good job, bro!”.

  4. So, King Barry the Wicked is all politics, all the time, and nothing, not even a funeral, is sacred to that wicked, venal man.

    And in other shocking news, bears really do shit in the woods.

  5. Classless way to honor the man. Grandstanding on the dead is not unique, but the left seems to relish it every time.

    John Lewis’s family must have been embarrassed. The left used Lewis.


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