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Video || Biden: Illegal immigrants “make us so strong”

Well, there you go, from the leader of the Party of lawlessness.

I know, I know, he sounds drunk. But he’s not, that’s just how he talks now, because he got very old during the last few years. Queen Elizabeth is like 116 and speaks more clearly.

And he sounds inebriated because of what he is saying: That lawless activity, sneaking into the country illegally, is good for America.

It’s one thing to say, Well, what are we going to do, ship 11 million people back to Mexico? But it’s quite another to celebrate them and, by doing so, invite more illegal immigrants in.

Not only does this create lawlessness and alter the culture in a sea of unassimilable new arrivals. It craps on the people who took their time to enter the United States legally and with love for the country’s traditions and laws.

8 thoughts on “Video || Biden: Illegal immigrants “make us so strong””

  1. Unflipping believable and this is who people want to be President. Say what you want about President Trump not using some discretion at times, but he always speaks up for the little guy, the middle class, the hard working Americans and legal immigrants. Joe Biden is more than an embarrassment – he is being led like a puppy by the progressives surrounding him.

  2. They like to say things like “we’re all children of immigrants” and that’s true, but mine are registered at Ellis Island, had a sponsor, got a job, and didn’t break the law.

    Here in AZ, Mexican immigrants make up the majority of our citizens there and Spanish is the local language. They never seem to want to join the rest of English speaking AZ, have their own culture (which is just fine and desirable), but it makes our state somewhat like 2 parts. The majority of Mexican immigrants are family oriented, very religious, hard working , and nice people.
    How they can be Dems is hard to say – the Dems are outside everything they believe.

    1. So if I broke into Biden’s million dollar mansion in north Delaware…or his million dollar beach house…and started living there, I would be a “immigrant guest”…not an illegal criminal ???

  3. By allowing the illegals to come here the USA is helping the countries they are coming from to stay poor. The countries do nothing to solve their own problems. The USA is used as an escape valve. The wealthy and powerful become more so. They invest in the USA. What is left behind are the poor and docile. The ones with some ‘Get Up & Go” have left for the USA.

    srdem65, When will the the US have a Latino majority, the whites the second and the black remain at the bottom?

  4. Please tell me how these people can make us strong.

    Panama: 43 migrants have coronavirus near Colombia border
    by Tom on May 19, 2020 in News from Panama
    Post Views: 33

    The government of Panama said Thursday that 41 more migrants have tested positive for the novel coronavirus and 119 others are in quarantine at a relief station near the border with Colombia.

    Panama’s national migration office said there have been no deaths among the 41 migrants, who are receiving medical care at a shelter in Lajas Blancas. The 119 quarantined migrants had contact with the confirmed cases.

    The office did not specify the nationalities of the infected migrants, but they were detected near the Darien border crossing.

    Migrants from Africa, Haiti, Cuba and South Asia often travel through the Darien Gap in a bid to reach the United States. The Darien Gap connects Panama and South America, and is a notorious obstacle featuring jungles, deadly snakes and bandits. Because of the dangers of the crossing, migrants often travel in groups.

    The migration office said border closures and travel shutdowns linked to the coronavirus pandemic have left 2,532 migrants stranded in Panama, often at shelters near the border with Colombia or Costa Rica.

    Migrants protested weeks ago about poor conditions at the shelters, and Panama pledged to build another shelter in the Darien area with better water and sanitation facilities.

  5. Just shared. Please consider altering how this appears in a share. Every one features your book cover, but I think if it linked to the video and your post, more people would read it.

  6. If by “us”, Biden means ‘criminals and corrupt politicians who are more than willing to throw the country under the bus for votes’, then I agree. I think that is the case…

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