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US Attorney investigating unmasking by Obama aides

Amid all the nonsense that went on and all the preening by Democrats, there was some news out of Attorney General Bill Barr’s appearance before the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday.

Barr said he has tapped U.S. Attorney for Western Texas John Bash to look into all those unmaskings that occurred in the dying moments of the Obama administration so officials could, it would appear to many, spy on conversations between the Trump people and foreigners.

The Wall Street Journal noticed:

Recall that Obama officials used their authority to unmask the names of Americans caught by U.S. intelligence legally conversing with foreign officials. The names are supposed to be redacted for privacy reasons, but 39 separate officials unmasked and read the private conversations of Michael Flynn in 2016 and 2017. Mr. Flynn was soon to be President Trump’s first national security adviser.

The unmaskings themselves may have been legal, but the classified information in the transcripts was later leaked to the press to damage the Trump Administration. Mr. Barr said Mr. Bash is looking at the “high number of unmaskings” at the time, including “some that do not readily appear in the line of normal business.”

Meantime, John Durham U.S. Attorney John Durham is expected to report by the end of the summer on the origins of the investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia

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