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Video || Democrats won’t let Barr answer questions or take a five minute break

Lots of fireworks today during Attorney General Barr’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. Here are a few of them.

5 thoughts on “Video || Democrats won’t let Barr answer questions or take a five minute break”

  1. Had the hearing on this morning and literally had to turn it off. I could not believe how disrespectful, rude, discourteous and impolite the Democrats were to the Attorney General. How he was able to keep his “cool” during this side show is beyond me.

  2. I was eating lunch and turned this on, then I lost my appetite. We are paying these people way more money than I make to carry on like complete and total ass-hats. I know a lot of reasonable people are getting really tired of this BS.

  3. This was not a hearing. By definition, a hearing involves “being heard”. That did not happen today. If we are to keep order and integrity in any hearing on Capitol Hill, those brought in to bear witness and give their statement must have their time. This was not a hearing, it was an inquisition, a grandstanding of rudeness and churlish behavior. It was simply embarrassing.


  4. On the bright side, this has to be a triumph for the Republicans. Barr was amazing in handling and defeating the antagonistic queries he received. The Democrats blatantly demonstrate their desire to politicize serious problems. Got to be a big plus for Barr and the administration.

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