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Trump will not go see John Lewis lying in state at the Capitol

He’ll probably be accused of not being respectful enough to pay his “respects,” and this will be further confirmation that he is a “racist.”

Of course, if he did go, it would cause a national scene, and he would be accused of not being respectful, making the event about him, and being a racist.

Which of course is why I am sure he is not going. So as to leave Lewis in peace and let the event be about his life.

9 thoughts on “Trump will not go see John Lewis lying in state at the Capitol”

  1. Your correct. The lame stream media will damn if he does, and damn if he doesn’t. So I agree with him and would not go. Funerals are very depressing. They suck the energy out of you.

    1. Exactly why Trump shouldn’t attend. We know that Nancy and her ilk will make the event about how racist Trump and his supporters are.

  2. Lewis didn’t attend Trump’s inauguration, or either of George W. Bush’s…he considered them to be illegitimate presidents. I’ll leave it at that.

    1. ( Didnt the US have a BLACK “President” between Bush & Trump…? Where was all this ‘USA is/always will be a racist nation crap’ back from 2008-2016…???)

  3. Trump had no choice. When you are legitimately elected President and Lewis spearheaded the movement to boycott the inaugural, Lewis made his stand. You cannot simply wash away that event. I’m sure if roles were reversed, Lewis would do the same. Lewis was a giant in the civil rights movement and should be remembered as such. We can disagree with many of his comments, but he should still be remembered for his effort.


  4. Uh, just a thought… Did Obama go to the John Lewis memorial? I don’t recall seeing that in the news and nothing on google searches…..

    KK, got any update on that????


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