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National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien positive for coronavirus

How long before this gets to President Trump? I am sure that the Biden people are almost counting on this, while keeping their guy in the basement where he won’t be exposed to a single virus or bacterium.

O’Brien claims he didn’t get it at the White House.

1 thought on “National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien positive for coronavirus”

  1. MLB crumbling, people still afraid. We could have confined and isolated the vulnerable and let the healthy go about their way…. but we did not and we are still doing a half baked version of this. Hiding is not the answer. Is it me… why don’t we see a deeper dive into the infections in current hot states? What is the demographic and hospitalization rate and mortality rate? in NY we STILL get daily reports on this and the numbers are good. But what about Florida? We are not fully informed…which is exactly what the media wants.

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