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Video || Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Opening Day pitch #fail

This is a national tragedy. There is no other way to describe it. I’m surprised the teams were still able to motivate themselves to play after this.


Here’s another angle.


It’s the worst day in sports since this.

6 thoughts on “Video || Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Opening Day pitch #fail”

  1. First, the guy is no young spring chicken and he was probably nervous. But hey, he did try to “flatten the curve”…. Players must have been chuckling. Next up: the President tosses the first pitch at Yankee Stadium this week…. now THAT will be interesting. Lets say he grooves a fastball over the plate…can you hear him now? ” Dr Fauci failed to deliver, but not me… a perfect pitch!”.

    All in good fun…. we remember fun, don’t we???


    1. It should be just good fun, however Fauci is an arrogant, conceited, little man. He has been wrong on nearly everything from COVID to AIDS, yet he is not confronted about it.

    2. Yes. It was exciting to know that my beloved football was about to start . I’d check the rosters, look up info on the players, set a note for Opening Day games, and now it’s all ruined. Ruined with political slogans, ruined with disgruntled players, and it seems there is no end in sight.
      These are games, not real life. Real life is drama, jobs that we don’t love or pay enough to live a luxury lifestyle, where no one gives us a trophy for a job well done, where families are our whole interest, and we’re left here wondering how this all plays out.

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