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Video || Maxine Waters: Feds in Portland a ‘trial run’ for Trump to overturn election

Auntie Maxine thinks President Trump is getting in some practice for establishing a dictatorship if he loses the election.

She told Joy Reid on MSNBC:

It has been suggested that this is a trial run for the president of the United States, who may be organizing to not accept what happens when we have the election. If he’s not elected, is he going to pull out his military?

8 thoughts on “Video || Maxine Waters: Feds in Portland a ‘trial run’ for Trump to overturn election”

  1. It’s not clear what the Dems hope to convey to the public by these ridiculous claims that MrTrump will not accept defeat or that he wants to be a dictator.
    Auntie Maxine is just frustrated that “peach 45” didn’t mean anything to most Americans and the current Dem candidate is not an ideal opponent .

    1. The Dems are hoping to set it up so there will be such confusion over good ballots and bad ballots that they can try to throw the election decision in the the hands of Congress. Failing that, they can deny any victory claims by Trump. This is just a set up for four more years of claiming that he is not he legitimate winner. The Stacy Abrahms plan – Joe Biden parroting from the side as the “real” President.

  2. A Presidential election is decided by a series of statewide elections.

    Trivia question: how many times in American history, has a Democrat won a statewide election, and then lost to a Republican on a recount?

  3. What we are witnessing is what happens when you have Democrat politicians in charge.
    Anarchists run wild burning, looting, screaming, cursing, throwing rocks, bottles and whatever else is handy, attacking law enforcement, destroying public property, and destroying the very fabric of this country. All you damn dumb Democrats can do is make excuses and blame the president.
    You won’t have to worry when the Communists take over because you are shielded by money and power. But someday you will have to answer for your vile, subhuman ways. I hope the consequences damn you for eternity.

  4. Maxine Waters is a disgrace to the state of California (I say this as a 4th generation native). It is way past time for her to retire and go live on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere. JMHO.

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