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Trump official admits the US doesn’t have enough Covid protective equipment

And why not? We’re five months into this pandemic, and the awesome might of US manufacturing has not been committed to producing this stuff.

President Trump needs to use the tools at his disposal to force manufacturers to make masks, gloves, surgical gowns, and whatever else we need. We are at war. Nearly 150,000 people have died. We may lose another 150,000 before it’s over.

Trump thinks his reelection is about the stock market. Wrong. It’s about doing the basic function of the presidency, which is protecting the American people. The chaos and death surrounding us related to the coronavirus are what people would have expected of the Democrats.

If Trump loses the presidency, it will be because he failed in what he was elected to do. To many people, Hillary Clinton meant the end of the country as they knew it. Failing to stem the pandemic causes the same kind of insecurity and chaos people feared with Hillary.

There are good arguments for not shutting everything down. There are no good arguments for failing to supply people and hospitals with the equipment they need to protect themselves.

According to the Washington Examiner:

The head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency informed House lawmakers that the government and private sector still lack enough personal protective equipment such as face masks and gloves to get through the coronavirus pandemic.

“This isn’t as simple as throwing on a light switch and we just magically make more. We still have many months to go before we start making enough in the U.S. to supply the demand,” FEMA Administrator Pete Gaynor told the House Homeland Security Committee Wednesday. “We have a ways to go in making sure we have enough PPE.”

To date, the U.S. government has delivered to private and public sector workers 81 million N95 respirators, 746 million surgical masks, 329 million surgical gowns, and 19 billion gloves, Gaynor said. However, Chairman Bennie Thompson, a Democrat from Mississippi, said members of Congress have been told by hospitals in their districts that they are short on PPE as the number of cases surges nationwide.

The FEMA chief blamed it on the more than 150 countries, as well as 50 states and U.S. territories, fighting for the same masks and equipment and the United States’ inability to stand up enough manufacturing centers since March.

4 thoughts on “Trump official admits the US doesn’t have enough Covid protective equipment”

  1. I get it Keith – but as the article says, there is tremendous truth to the demand worldwide. In addition, it is incredible to note the items that are medically not related and their line of delivery has been interrupted. One of the biggest mistakes this country and others made, was relying too heavily on China to produce everything cheaply. You can work on bringing manufacturing back and forcing companies to make all the medical supplies required, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Many simply don’t want to come down on China; many still want cheap stuff; lots are competing for the same things. Government is no inefficient. While I’m at the venting – heard numerous stories from different people about people scheduling appointments to take Covid testing, deciding to leave because it is too long a wait and then getting a confirmation call or card in the mail saying they were positive when they didn’t take a test. Can’t prove or disprove, but I suspect there is truth to it. These testing centers are getting many $$$$ to give the tests; same as wrong reporting.

  2. Here in NJ, we get the daily Murphy Doom and Gloom Report but we’re just figuring out that our Governor, who thinks the Bill of Rights is above his pay grade, seems to be using Common Core math.

    On Wednesday, Murphy said 873 people are currently hospitalized for COVID-19 related illnesses or they are under investigation for COVID-19, but have yet to test positive for the virus. Of those 873, 423 have tested positive for COVID-19.

    423 people identified by Governor Murphy who are hospitalized have tested positive according to his statement. 450 have not.

    Of those 450, he said 250 are listed as persons under investigation, pending the return of test results.

    That leaves 200 people, more than 1/4 of his declared hospitalizations on Wednesday completely unaccounted for.

    He goes on to say, of the 673 who are either positive or under suspicion of being positive (423+250), 151 are in either critical or intensive care. Of those 151, 77 are on ventilators. So, what are the other 200 people in the hospital for? This math has been going on like this day after day since the height of the pandemic. The numbers didn’t add up when they were larger and the definitely don’t add up now that they are smaller. Why are those 200 people added to the total daily hospital count if they have not tested positive and are not even under suspicion for being a positive case?

    So…who benefits if all the states are playing so hard and loose with the facts? Hmmm.

  3. We’ll be fine.
    There never has been or will be “enough” to satisfy those that count the need…At least til the storm has passed, and they realize there’s too much. Think trailer homes and Katrina.
    In the end, the virus is gonna virus until effective treatment or vaccine is found.

  4. There might be more masks if every local dictator didn’t demand that EVERYBODY wear one. How long before we hear Cuomo again demanding 30,000 oxygen machines and a million masks?

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