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Trump: My son and my grandchildren should go to school

President Trump said Wednesday he is so comfortable with the idea of kids returning to school that he would send his own child.

I do wish Trump would not comment on the young people in his family. It gives the press what they think is license to report on them and go after them in ways Trump and Melania will not want.

But, that’s up to him.

According to the Washington Examiner:

President Trump said he would be happy for his son and grandchildren to return to school, as he stepped up his appeals for schools across the country to reopen in the fall despite fears of another surge in coronavirus cases.

For the second time in two days, Trump Wednesday appeared alone in the White House briefing room without any members of the coronavirus task force to give an update on the pandemic.

He announced his administration will provide $5 billion for nursing homes in the worst-hit states, along with increased testing of staff, part of what he said was a strategy designed to protect the most vulnerable while allowing younger people to get back to work or school.

And, when asked whether he planned to send the children in his own family — son, Barron, and grandchildren — back to school, he said yes.

“I am comfortable with that, and we do have a national strategy. As you know, ultimately, it’s up to the governors of the states,” he said, adding that he wanted 100% of schools open.


4 thoughts on “Trump: My son and my grandchildren should go to school”

  1. Oh please, Keith. Have you forgotten how mercilessly Barron Trump was treated for merely existing and appearing in public with his parents? “What’s wrong with him?” . . . “Why is he so quiet?” . . . “Why does he seem so withdrawn? . . . “Is he autistic?” . . . “Does he have some kind of learning disability?”

    The Obamas talked about their daughters all the time for eight years, but of course they knew the fawning press would never say a critical word about them.

  2. I agree with KK.. The press should be hands off on the first family children and non political members. Trump injecting their names into the conversation, even, in a positive mode, runs the risk of elevating a conversation that will not move the ball down the field. And I always felt bad for Amy Carter….

    1. Doesn’t matter what he says. If he declined to answer he would be accused of something insensitive to kids in the US. Every parent i kniw has said they want their kids In school. Distance learning has been a disaster. We have a country full of kids not being educated.

  3. Trump is without much filter… “Kids should go back to school. Yes. I’m OK with mine going….” Frankly, I like that directness.

    This thing does not hurt children. The parents need to fuel the economy – not do daycare and schooling. If we are ‘all in this together’ then the parents need to work and the society and the government run (crappy) schools need to be open. This thing is not in the top 10, 20, 30 or 40 things that kill young people.

    Disclaimer — death are not numbers — they are real people but in the public debate is sounds harsh to talk numbers. I get it but here are some of the ‘numbers’ of it.

    Stop. Go to school. The unhealthy will die so… Get healthy. Lose weight. Eat a vegetable. Take a vitamin or zinc or A, B, C, D or Iodine or whatever the solution is…

    In the end, (mark my words…….dramatic drumroll) The 5-year moving average of all deaths over this time frame will be insignificant. That is — a few more will have died this year that the grim reaper would have grabbed next year. The up and down will not be much different than normal.

    Look at the 1987 stock crash and look at a chart of the 1980’s or something. While in it the crash was real but it was ‘blip’…. There are zillions of these examples.

    Stop. Think. Get out there. Enjoy your life. Be safe. Be smart. Be alive.

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