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Potential Biden VP obstructing immigration enforcement and changing jail to “wellness” center

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms proudly notes that she has thrown U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement out of her city and is “transitioning our jail into a community center of health and equity and wellness.”

Don’t laugh. This woman could be president in a couple of years, conceivably. These are the kind of people who are going to be running Biden if he becomes president.

5 thoughts on “Potential Biden VP obstructing immigration enforcement and changing jail to “wellness” center”

  1. Blindness in government is a real issue. These “leaders” see life through a spectrum that does not exist. Yes, we need to improve safety and societal norms, yes, we need prison reform ( and some guy in DC already started that…wink wink), and a long laundry list of other items. But turning a blind eye to dangerous issues is not a cure. It will make some folks feel like they are creating a more just world while the criminal element seizes the opportunity to capitalize on a lack of law and order. We are seeing this now… if only they would open their eyes

  2. People need to realize a vote for Biden is actually a vote for AOC + Bernie Sanders + Elizabeth Warren + all the Obama-era henchmen + BLM + Antifa + whatever loon is chosen as VP.

  3. Atlanta? Of course. Bring those who commit crimes against someone into a building of wellness and equality. Shower them with love and goodness.
    A few weeks ago, a ‘true crime’ series had a look back at the “Atlanta Child Murders”. This Mayor was featured talking about the crimes and how Atlanta was moving on from the horrors of the 30 murdered and missing Black children. A Black man was accused of the crimes, tried in court and found guilty. Some said he didn’t do it, that the police were killing Black children, the KKK did it, everyone but a Black man who lived in the community
    She wasn’t sure who was at fault.
    There is so much propaganda shoved at Blacks from the time they can walk that it is impossible to prove that White people really don’t spend their lives trying to ruin Black lives. Any problem, any issue in a Black family must be the result of a shadowy racism that keeps them in poverty or leads to criminal activity or worse.

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