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Trump on Ghislaine Maxwell: “I wish her well”

I mean, for God’s sake. What is he thinking? Is he thinking?

Kind of undermines one of his best arguments, which is that Biden is the one who has a screw loose.

Maybe tomorrow he’ll wish the Zodiac Killer well.

7 thoughts on “Trump on Ghislaine Maxwell: “I wish her well””

  1. Frederick Tomlinson

    He wished Kim Jong-Un well the other week, as well as previously political enemies such as Bernie Sanders, so it’s meaningless. Anyway no doubt the Clinton Suicide Squad is circling…

  2. As is the rule with all the “gotcha” questions the WH Press throws at the President, there is no right or wrong answer.
    ‘I hope she rots in H*ll”, ‘I hope they throw the book at her”, etc etc would be the wrong answer, too.
    She is innocent of all charges until she is found guilty.

  3. Have a great day — or — Bless her heart — or — or — she’s innocent until proven guilty — Wish her well…. it is a non-statement with just enough there for liberal heads to explode.

    I see that statement going with things like. “She asked for a divorce, I granted it, we settled up and I wish her well”


    “As of today Bob So-and-so is no longer a member of the XYZ company. We wish him well.”

  4. Could also be a quiet signal to the Bureau of Prisons that he’s following the case, and that they’d better not cock up the detention of another high-value prisoner.

  5. This is what Trump says when he knows something that he’s not going to share. He goes for the bland general wish that means nothing. She is innocent until proven guilty even if her guilt seems as plain as day.

  6. He should have given a better answer. I watch a Philadelphia station just before the evening news. Both he and Biden run commercials. Biden is doing a better job with his.

  7. We arm chair quarterbacks have all the answers. Guess that’s why we aren’t President;) He had the weight of the world on his shoulders.

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