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Pompeo seeks international coalition to counter China

The Trump administration is the first that has taken the threat from China seriously.

The Chinese communists are not just ruling inflicting tyranny at home, they are seeking to expand their influence overseas. They want economic and then military control over countries around the world in an effort that will eventually deny the United States allies and markets. We have no choice but to oppose them.

According to the Washington Examiner:

British and American officials need to help establish an international “coalition” to counter threats from the Chinese Communist Party, according to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

“We want every nation to work together to push back against the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts,” Pompeo said Tuesday in London. “We hope we can build out a coalition that understands this threat, will work collectively to convince the Chinese Communist Party it’s not in their best interest to engage in this kind of behavior.”

Pompeo traveled to the United Kingdom on the heels of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to bar Huawei from participating in the development of the U.K.’s fifth-generation wireless technology infrastructure. Johnson hardened his position on Huawei just months after rebuffing Pompeo’s denunciations of the company, a reversal brought about in part by anger over China’s apparent dishonesty about the coronavirus pandemic — a failure that Pompeo underscored during his visit.

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  1. If a coalition is the way to go, Trump and Pompeo should start with the countries around the South China Sea — Phillipines, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. The ChiComs have bullied them for years to keep them from exercising their rights to exploit the sea within their own offshore limits.

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