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Video || All the times the White House shut down CNN’s Jim Acosta

CNN’s Jim Acosta is a man who has singlehandedly done as much as anyone else to destroy modern journalism.

He sits in the White House and wages his own personal agenda, and probably that of CNN, while pretending to be an unbiased journalist.

It used to be that White House journalists at least tried to cover up their liberal bias, which has always existed. In the race to seem as “tough” as Acosta, all of that has been thrown away.

So this video by the Daily Caller is kind of nice to see.

2 thoughts on “Video || All the times the White House shut down CNN’s Jim Acosta”

  1. 1. When did Trump quit admitting he is a racist?
    2. How does Trump communicate with his overlords in Russia?
    3. After he loses in November, what will it take to convince Trump to leave DC?
    Just tryin’ to be helpful here.

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