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Video || Maxine Waters says Trump and his supporters want to keep blacks from power

How does she get away with this stuff? Calling not just President Trump, but so many people, white supremacists.

I mean, they’d definitely like to keep Maxine Waters out of power. But not all black people.

Maxine appears on Joy Reid’s new MSNBC show. Among her pearls of wisdom:

I think you said it earlier today when you talked about this need for Trump and those who support him to want to … have absolute power and to believe that it is their right and their responsibility to ensure that blacks and people of color and others do not rise to any level of influence and power, significant, that would cause them not to be in total charge of this country . . . “This justice system is broken. It has never really been in our favor, and it has basically been responsible for ensuring that we could never ever get beyond this suppression and this oppression that has been forced upon us for so many years.

Whatever. Liberals are permitted to spew hate and invective.

7 thoughts on “Video || Maxine Waters says Trump and his supporters want to keep blacks from power”

  1. Auntie Maxine still thinks that Blacks are a majority in the USA. She looks around her constituency , watches TV ads and it seems that Blacks must be 50% of the citizenry here.
    It’s sad that so many do think they are being ignored or not allowed to participate in so much, when the main reason is that Blacks are a true minority. The Black community will continue to be a minority because they are killing too many unborn children and the born in the streets.

    1. Maxie – blacks are not oppressed or suppressed in this country. How long have you been in politics?? You get to open your pie hole and say whatever drivel you want and you are never held accountable. You even have your own black caucus, black tv stations, black awards, black music studios, affirmative action, why the ratio of black to whites in sports are severely skewered to the black community. Quit with the nonsense. You and yours aren’t suppressed or oppressed at all, you racist.

  2. Maxine Waters needs to retire and shut her mouth. This woman is a disgrace to be a representative from California and I say this as a fourth generation native Californian. She does not even live in the district she represents (South Central area of Los Angeles), though I believe she has a house there to qualify. She and her husband (who has made millions while she has been in Congress), live in the pricey affluent Hancock Park area of Los Angeles in their million dollar plus home – same area the Mayor of Los Angeles lives in. Enough already of this woman.

  3. Yeah, they are keeping Blacks from power.

    Does ANYONE remember there was a BLACK US PRESIDENT from 2008-2016…???
    So what good did “Barack Hussein Obama” do as a BLACK US PRESIDENT???

    1. Actually, BHO was president from 2009 – 2017.

      The good he did was to show us how to fill out a March Madness basketball bracket.

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