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Nancy Pelosi compares Trump to “the man who refuses to ask for directions”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today said the most sexist, awful thing I can imagine. Speaking about the president’s decisions related to the coronavirus, she said he is like a man who refuses to ask direction:

Observing his behavior, I have concluded that he is like the man who refuses to ask for directions. All of the answers are there. The scientists have the answers . . .  And yet, the president continues to go down the wrong path and refuses to ask for directions from scientists who know better than any of us.


This is a grave insult. Just because Donald Trump was assigned “male” at birth does not mean he would refuse to ask directions. It is sexist stereotyping, and it has GOT. TO. STOP. NOW.

I too was assigned male at birth, and continue to stick with that assignation. Fortunately for me, I never need to ask for directions, because I always know where I am going. My wife may think otherwise, but she is wrong. And it has nothing to do with my gender.

Nancy, please “woke” up – it’s 2020, for goodness sake.

6 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi compares Trump to “the man who refuses to ask for directions””

  1. A father, three brothers, two husbands and four grandsons makes me an expert:
    Men are genetically opposed to asking for travel directions and absolutely refuse to read the assembly manual for any item that comes in pieces.
    Gotta love ’em.

  2. A proud man here. Moses started this by wondering around the desert for 40 years because he wouldn’t ask for directions so who am I to go against someone who spoke to G_d?

  3. These people have become so obnoxious. They talk about Trump being obnoxious. They need to look in the mirror. Nancy Pelosi has given up any semblance of being a leader and looking at the facts……

    If a man said something like that about a female – they would have to resign their job or be fired. You are right Keith – THIS HAS GOT TO STOP.

  4. You are talking about Nancy Pelosi…the drunk, the walking-talking stroke, who can barely complete a sentence & who needs guidance-direction to get up from kneeling and to find her way out of a room.

    1. LOL, how right you are. Nancy and her posse donned African cloth, never once asking if it was culturally wrong to do so.

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