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Video || AOC: How do you pass a far left agenda? Elect Biden

Democrats who try to convince themselves that Joe Biden will not be beholden to the leftists in his party are fooling themselves.

He is too personally weak to stand up to them. He will be surrounded by them in his administration. And he needs them to pass legislation.

They are going to own him, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows it. And remember, Biden is a liberal: His views are not that far off of those of Bernie Sanders et al.

1 thought on “Video || AOC: How do you pass a far left agenda? Elect Biden”

  1. I f#%king HATE these Neo-Communists like that complete IDIOT AOC (does she even understand the words coming out of her mouth!?), Comrade Bernie…and now Old Senile Joe Biden :-(

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