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Trump punishes China for abusing Hong Kong

President Trump Tuesday moved to punish China for its crackdown on Hong Kong, denying privileges to the capitalist enclave that help China make money off of it and sanctioning Chinese leaders.

According to the Washington Examiner:

President Trump has signed legislation imposing sanctions on senior Chinese officials as punishment for imposing restrictive national security laws on Hong Kong.

He used a Rose Garden news conference on Tuesday evening to attack presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, and also said he had signed an executive order ending the former British colony’s special trade status under which it received preferential treatment from the United States.

“Hong Kong will now be treated the same as mainland China, no special privileges, no special economic treatment, and no export of sensitive technologies,” he said.

In recent weeks, senior campaign advisers and allies have urged him to make more of his powers as president to sign executive orders and position himself as a man of action, the better to contrast with his election rival.

“Joe Biden supported China’s entry into the World Trade Organization,” he said. “One of the greatest geopolitical and economic disasters in world history.”

The common wisdom among most Republicans and moderate Democrats 20 years ago, and well before, was that if we just bring China into the capitalist system, Chinese leaders would love it so much they would all start joy-reading John Locke, Ayn Rand, and the Federalist Papers.

Instead, they used us to enrich themselves, cement their power, and start expanding their influence around the world. At last, with the exception of many of our greedy corporate leaders, we’ve dummied up.


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  1. I agree with Schlender…. While we all cringe at some of Trump’s tweets and his inability to avoid the minor fracases with Hollywood, etc… We know he has our back, he cares, he didn’t need this job, and he will ALWAYS put us first. That alone is reason to vote for Trump….ignore the rhetoric, embrace the results….


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