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White House calls Fauci “Dr. Faucet” for alleged leaks

White House Deputy Chief of Staff and social media director Dan Scavino put up a Facebook post deriding Dr. Anthony Fauci for allegedly leaking to the press.

‘Sorry, Dr. Faucet! At least you know if I’m going to disagree with a colleague, such as yourself, it’s done publicly β€” and not cowardly, behind journalists with leaks,’ Scavino wrote.

The White House is now in full attack mode against Fauci, who has become unpopular with many conservatives for his cautious approach to reopening the country and apparently has run completely afoul of President Trump.

The White House has also leaked a list of Fauci’s “mistakes,” including initially underplaying the pandemic threat and counseling against using facemasks.

2 thoughts on “White House calls Fauci “Dr. Faucet” for alleged leaks”

  1. Cautious? Use of that word implies that the good doctor has some logic and some thought process. Looking at the death rate for young people it is beyond ridiculous that anyone would suggest that schools stay closed.When the good doctor conned the president, who by the way should be held accountable for that mistake, He was far from cautious. He was impulsive and wrong. Taking quick action to flatten the curve should be met equally with taking quick action to only flatten the curve. A report out of the UK indicates that opening up schools there would have a minimal near zero impact because of the transmission and impact of Covid on youth.This Fauci guy is just fearful paralyzed and useless at this point.

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