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Video || Caddy hangs on to golf cart as Trump floors it

16 thoughts on “Video || Caddy hangs on to golf cart as Trump floors it”

  1. And the purpose of posting this video is ???????

    If you’ve ever spent time on a caddied course, you will know that this is business-as-usual.

  2. First, if that is flooring it, don’t get on a roller coaster. Next, many clubs do not let caddies “ride” the back of the cart, for obvious reasons. It is possible the President told him to hop on to give him a break in the heat of the day. Next, the caddy is bent over not to hold on for his dear life, but to keep an eye on the direction of the cart to guide the golfer to the ball…. But the best news is Biden was never mentioned in any of this….

  3. Trump’s “Let’s get er done” golfing mindset is the same as president. You don’t build skyscrapers creeping along either. I think it’s great.

    1. You’re right. Nothing says “Let’s get er done” like golfing more than 273 days of your first term, spending more than 365 days of your first year hanging out at your private properties, and watching more television than anyone I know!

      1. Bob(by) Jones – great golf name!

        Don’t know where you are making up your facts – but remember that the laziest president was BHO. And he watched hours of ESPN in the morning every day before he even started to work.

        QOTD: “The only way Obama could even match Trump’s daily activities was if he only played cards with me.” – Reggie Love

        Note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote and we don’t even have attorneys.

        1. Here’s a bunch of sources that run the full spectrum of left leaning, to right leaning, to sports-leaning publication. Or even just look back on Keith’s archives of trips made to Virginia, Mar-a-Lago, Bedminster and other properties. The numbers vary slightly, but all of them place him well ahead of Obama on number of times played, amount of time spent away from the White House, etc.

          I don’t even care that he golfs and vacations so much. Every president deserves down time and a release from the very stressful job he has. It’s that he golfs and vacations so much after 1.) promising he wouldn’t (, 2.) criticizing Obama relentlessly for it (, and 3.) that his supporters can’t admit that he does so. If you can’t admit that he is being a hypocrite about this one silly and in the grand scheme of things, small thing, it doesn’t bode well for being able to admit when he’s wrong about other things.

          And for the watching television thing, I admittedly am only basing that off how many tweets he has sent directly replying to segments on Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, etc., etc. I am a grade A nobody, but I don’t watch remotely that much TV.

          Still reading every day Keith – thank you again for the blog.

          1. Don’t know if you know anyone who knows Trump personally, but I do. The guy sleeps about 4 hours a night, never really takes a vacation, and instead of golfing with the entertainment types like Reggie Love, most of the time Trump golfs with politicians or business leaders and the talk is more business than anything else. No matter what you say about Trump, it will never erase the image of Obama getting back on the course after announcing the ISIS beheading of Daniel Pearl. Or those impressively girl bicep curls in the gym.

          2. The journalists name was James Foley, and you’re absolutely right. President Obama was wrong to golf after announcing his death. He shouldn’t have done it. Period. See – it’s easy to admit when someone you for the most part approve of makes a mistake (other examples, Syria red line, ACA rollout disaster, etc.). Obama also later said he had made a mistake to golf after the announcement and said he regretted doing so.

            Still don’t understand why President Trump repeatedly told us he wouldn’t golf or vacation or criticized Obama for doing so, then went on to do the same, only much worse. And you’re right, President Trump never really takes a vacation, he just spends a full year of his presidency at his own personal properties, and golfs most of the days that he’s there. Totally different.

            And I’d totally take a president that shows weakness in the bicep area than one who throws US intel agencies under the bus on the world stage in front of Putin and who doesn’t say a word about wanting to get to the bottom of suspected intel that he put bounties on the heads of our servicemembers. Bring on the weak biceps!

          3. OK — Bobbiekins — Trump golfs a lot and spends a fair amount of time away from the White House. So — freaking — what??? If anyone else had to put up with the pure, unadulterated crap Mr. Trump has had thrown his way since long before he won election, they’d have fled that Potomac Prison in a screaming fit long ago. Why don’t you stick your carping and so-called facts where the sun doesn’t shine, and pound sand in on top of it?

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