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Trump opposes Washington Redskins name change

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Monday said President Trump opposed the Washington Reskins changing their name, referring to a Trump tweet last week which she said noted, “These teams out of strength, not weakness,” and  “the Native American community would be very angry” at the name change.

McEnany noted polling taken in 2004 which found that 95 percent of Native Americans were not offended by the name.

Of course, now that they’ve been told by elite leftists that they should be offended, maybe the polling will be different.

4 thoughts on “Trump opposes Washington Redskins name change”

  1. The Browns, the Cowboys, the Oilers, the Chiefs, the Patriots, the 49ers – all represent
    a certain part of our history that wasn’t inclusive, wasn’t fair, was racist, all the bad things.

  2. What a sad state of affairs we live in. Amazing how a small group of ppl will demand change so they feel good about themselves. If your life is derailed or you’re devastated by something so trivial as a name, you need to get s life.

    1. …but they are NOT going to feel good about themselves, ever. This is an insatiable psychosis that we are entertaining in our culture, and we (rational people) need to collectively put our foot down! The answer should absolutely be NO!

  3. Navajo Nation suggested the DC Code Talkers…. not bad… but considering this is DC, imagine the twists put on that name. To be honest, this is good chatter for casual talk, but the President needs to simply not comment on these events…. rise above it.


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