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Video || De Blasio and Sharpton Paint “Black Lives Matter” at Trump Tower

5 thoughts on “Video || De Blasio and Sharpton Paint “Black Lives Matter” at Trump Tower”

  1. There is some private background that is compelling the Dems to up the “racist” charge against MrTrump.
    In their quest to appease radical Dems with the BLM aggressions, they are losing the Hispanic vote.

    This is like watching spoiled 5 yr olds throwing tantrums. Paint the roadway? how silly and unproductive is that? Topple statues, geez.

  2. How childish but expected from the supporters of BLM who have admitted they’re a Marxist group, founded by Marxists and here we see two other race baiters defacing taxpayers public roads.

    DeBlasio is a communist himself who invited people to come out and mingle with the crowds in his city during the initial Chinese virus outbreak proving how little he cares about those who put his sorry rear-end in power. DeBlazio doesn’t care about the racist BLM position either. More black babies have been intentionally killed in his state. The homelessness continues to worsen under his lack of American leadership. He’s why so many New Yorkers are leaving his state, Rightly so.

    The lifetime racist, sharpton, shows up anywhere and anytime he can stir the racial divide.

  3. DiBlasio painting the street, rather than cracking down on crime and making thee city safer drop for people of all colors. Had enough yet?

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