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Trump threatens to end tax-exempt status for schools teaching leftism

President Trump Friday threatened to end taxpayer subsidizing of leftist indoctrination at universities and school systems.

Only Trump would do this. Not Bush, not Rubio, not any of them. That’s why he won the Republican primaries. Because people know he will take actual measures, beyond whining, to take back our culture.

Universities especially have no God-given right to federal funds. And if they want its money, the federal government has a right to say, don’t teach young people to tear down the system that is paying for their education.

3 thoughts on “Trump threatens to end tax-exempt status for schools teaching leftism”

  1. Just drove thru the ghost town that is Univ of Delaware this rainy morning. I saw so many “Black Lives Matter” signs on businesses & buildings it was sickening. :-(

  2. What to say? Who would decide when and if certain colleges meet MrTrump’s demands?
    You want to control colleges then put a cap on college loans for students.
    He can end the ever growing cost of a higher education and the financial burden of young people by demanding a limit to the amount of money that can be charged by any institution.

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