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White House reporter tests positive for coronavirus

This is an email sent by White House Correspondents’ Association President Jonathan Karl of ABC News to the WHCA members:

Dear colleagues,

The WHCA has been informed that a member of the press corps has tested positive for COVID-19. The individual attended briefings on Monday 7/6 and Wednesday 7/8 afternoons and wore a mask the entire time they were on the White House complex. The individual is asymptomatic. We are contacting those who the individual recalled being in closer contact. Other than the briefings, this person did not spend time working out of the White House and was only in briefing room itself, not elsewhere in our workspace.

The White House has agreed to test those who attended the 7/6 and 7/8 briefings. If you are not scheduled to be tested through the pool rotation between now and Monday and attended one of those briefings, the White House has offered to administer a test on Tuesday morning at call time.

Please continue to inform Jon Karl and Zeke Miller if you suspect you have or test positive for the virus. This latest development underscores the importance of only coming to the White House if it is absolutely necessary. Please continue to work remotely if possible. As always, please follow all appropriate health guidance and take care to wear face coverings and maintain social distancing for the duration of this public health emergency.


– The White House Correspondents’ Association

4 thoughts on “White House reporter tests positive for coronavirus”

  1. I’ve had it with journalists — Where is Strunk and White? Where?
    ….John Karl — Come one man, Look, can we get this right?

    “….individual… wore a mask the entire time THEY WERE(emphasis added)…”
    What happened to the agreement of plural and singular — “The individual wore a mask the entire time he/she was…”

    their there they’re…. your, you’re, you are….and so many other things —

  2. On Substance — There are 40M tests — people are moving around – with masks that are not that great – with no training how to use them — with all kinds of other situations – I would think that the DAY BEFORE this news that it would have been more newsworthy to say — No cases in Press Pool.

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