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Video || Pelosi thinks its fine if mobs tear down statues

This is perhaps the worst part of the problem we face today. Our leaders are afraid to stand up to the mob.

“People will do what they do,” Pelosi said when asked if statues should be taken down as the result of a vote by a commission rather than toppled by a mob raging in the night.

Thoroughly disgusting. The Speaker of the House approves of rank lawlessness. We are in a bad place.

7 thoughts on “Video || Pelosi thinks its fine if mobs tear down statues”

  1. Tearing down statues and defacing monuments is just vandalism, nothing more.
    The rioters and criminal behavior don’t change anything.
    Painting public streets with a political message is counter-productive and insulting to the public, especially when a political figure is involved.

    MrsPelosi always has her finger in the wind to see which way it’s blowing.

  2. OT: O.M.G.
    The US Supreme Court issued a decision today that is sending tremors all over the SW when it declared that Oklahoma is almost 50% Indian Reservation. The area encompasses most of the Eastern part of Oklahoma -about 1.5 million people.
    1/2 of Tulsa Oklahoma is now to be considered on the “Res”.
    What is the big deal? Congressional districts, people wrongly convicted in public courts instead of reservation courts, the land is ruled by Indian law now. Taxes, land titles, businesses, homes, schools that are now under Indian control.

  3. Ok, lets see how she feels when they yank down the statue to her poppa in Baltimore…. hey, people do whut they do.


  4. So Blacks and terrorists can riot & spray paint “political” crap wherever they want…
    But if Im White and spray paint ‘WLM’ or pro-police its a “Hate Crime”…???

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